EuroMaintenance15 December 2022
Learn all about ultrasound techniques

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Human ears can’t hear the frequency of ultrasound and ultrasonic vibrations. Ultrasound provides early detection of bearing damage and lubrication problems. It is understood to mean frequencies that are generally above the human hearing limit of about 18 kHz. Wear on rotating and reciprocal machine parts is often accompanied by ultrasonic detection, so this technique can be used to overcome this wear. Ultrasound technology can overcome insufficient lubrication or the breaking of a lubricating film layer.


Ultrasound is considered the first line of defense when detecting defects that could shut down the equipment. The first signals that change the operating conditions of a part are usually identified in the ultrasonic frequencies. Only when the part is already in a worse state of deterioration do other condition monitoring technologies come into play. For planners, a maximum time frame to order parts, plan downtime and allocate work resources is a huge advantage.


Ultrasound is one of the three types of sound

Ultrasound is one of the three types of sound. In addition to infrasound and audible sound, Ultrasound refers to any sound pressure wave with a repetition rate greater than 20 kHz. The characteristics of ultrasound, especially around 40 kHz, are of particular interest to inspectors listening for symptoms of component failure.


Case-by-Case solution

At EuroMaintenance we will learn from Haris Trobradovi, SDT International. The material (Gearbox - Electrical motor - Lubrication - Low-speed bearing - Leaks) is a collection of five different cases where Ultrasound was successfully used in detecting and resolving problems, as well as preventing a problem in the first place and/or mitigating its consequences. Trobradovi�; "All five cases are coming from different companies and different industries, with details describing the implementation and evolution of the Ultrasound CM program, up to the successful case and its benefits evaluation.


Gearbox - Aluminium facility, main conveyor gearbox

During the EuroMaintenance workshop, Trobradovi takes you in Electrical motor, Steel Mill, broken rotor bar, Lubrication, Chemical plant, extraction fans. But he will also catch you up with Low-speed bearings - Barit mine, mill and Leaks (glass bottle manufacturing, forming machine). Trobradovi; "The cases shown are highlighting Ultrasound capabilities as a sole CM technology used, as well as part of the multitechnology approach in mature CM systems. Additionally, the user profile will clearly be specified, as an important part of CM optimization”.