Remotair is excited to participate in this year’s combined Euro Maintenance and Maintenance Next events. The innovative Remotair technology adds a new approach to HVAC hygiene and compliments the already booming smart building and AI technology sector here in Europe. It’s an honor to participate with other industry leading solutions at this year’s event. Health is in the air!


The outcome of visiting Euromaintenance should be for this community to have a better understanding of the latest trends and technologies in Asset Management. 

But above all, it should help understand the impact of a solid asset management strategy & integrated technology on business outcomes: how companies can achieve incremental improvements, focus on business benefits & value creation, contributing to the corporate goals around revenue, margin, capital, ESG, and safety.  It should also inspire improving collaboration within and between organizations on current business topics. So together, we can also be more responsible in the face of climate change while optimizing asset performance and create a sustainable planet powered by resilient assets.

Looking forwared to meeting you all at the conference. 

Annamaria Dell'Acqua 
Head of Marketing Enterprise Asset Management (EAM) IFS


SKF is excited to be one of the main sponsors of Euromaintenance 2023. Meeting professionals in all fields of expertise, on all organisational levels, sharing thoughts and experiences to be best-in-class. Visitors to this conference will see how SKF develops into a servitized organisation that designs, builds and delivers an integrated products and service offering that delivers customer value.

We use digital technology -  analytics, connectivity, visualisation - to scale the service and product solutions so these are sustainable in the customer’s environment and

increase the industry’s competitiveness through sustainable rotation; sustainable in terms of technology with more reliable equipment, sustainable in terms of achieving business results and finally being sustainable in sustainability & environment with solutions helping to reduce our carbon footprint.


Ringo van Voorst

Marketing Manager Europe South-West   


Capgemini is the strategic partner who will help you ask the tough questions - and find the right answers - by harnessing the power of technology. We apply a breadth of expertise to address the full range of business needs across five areas: Asset Performance Management, Safety, Sustainability, Human Factor and Smart industry

When it comes to maintenance, industry leaders from multiple sectors trust our process and market knowledge. From ideation into transformation and aftercare, we cover the complete chain and steer on optimization.

Our colleagues are looking forward answering your questions and having interesting conversations. We also hope to welcome you to our presentation about servitizations and that we can inspire you during the roundtable about smart industry vs sustainability.


Jaap Dekker - Practice Head Package Based Solutions (PBS)


"Hexwise is a start-up with a mission to drive improvement in the industry by providing informed decision-making support for heat transfer equipment. Our goal is to help you maximize the potential of your heat exchangers, allowing you to get the most out of your processes. We achieve this by minimizing maintenance costs and maximizing production capacity with your current equipment, tailored to your specific process goals. We ensure that every action is taken at the right time, in the right way, and for the right reasons. We believe that optimizing industrial heat transfer not only benefits businesses but also serves our planet!


We are excited to be part of EuroMaintenance's impressive selection of experts in asset management and related technologies. We look forward to sharing our vision for intelligent heat transfer and hearing your thoughts on how we can assist you in achieving maximum performance for your processes."


"EuroMaintenance brings together a large group of maintenance experts from across Europe and is therefore a unique opportunity for ABB to present our expert knowledge and latest technology in a time where the world is rapidly changing and digitalizing. Energy Efficiency and Asset Health together with predictable maintenance based on data, do play a fundamental role to accelerate both the Energy Transition (Decarbonization) and Digital Transition (Smart Industry 4.0).” 

Staf Seurinck, Managing Director ABB Netherlands


As digitalization is becoming more and more important in each field, SOA People developed a state-of-the-art integrated SAP solution. We enable SAP using organizations to drastically improve their Asset Management processes. Performing, planning and executing maintenance, supported by the SAP ERP system while using real-time data, reduces downtime and increases effectiveness which ultimately improves the bottom-line of our customers. Having such a platform solution is one thing, showing it to the world is another. Where better to share our capabilities then at the venue where everything comes together; EuroMaintenance


Meet opportunity with innovation
It’s a dynamic and challenging business environment. Businesses today are tasked with constantly doing more. That’s why forward-looking organizations are finding new ways to use data to achieve their operational and sustainability goals. 
Intelligent asset management makes leveraging your data simple using advanced AI and the latest technologies to optimize asset performance and automate enterprise operations. Enabling you to derive insights from your data that increase efficiency, extend asset lifecycles, reduce downtime and costs - all while building resiliency and sustainability into your business and supply chains.
Countless organizations throughout the world have partnered with IBM to solve some of the hardest challenges. Sund & Baelt, Oncor, Melbourne Water, Sandvik, MARTA, Novate Solutions and others have radically improved business outcome from their assets.
Sounds interesting? Meet us at the show - or online
Monica Cernuda Rego
Vice President
Sustainability Software at IBM


"Despite all the attention given to digital transformation, Industry 4.0 and technological advancements, people are pivotal for successful asset management.

It is therefore not surprising that the human factor is one of the themes of EuroMaintenance 2023. The conference is an excellent opportunity for our consultants to share their knowledge and experience with industry peers. To partner with our customers and share best practices in workshops. To engage in conversation with participants and conference guests, to inspire and be inspired.”


Formed in 1991, AR9 is an interactive production company that combines emerging technologies with tailored storytelling to produce comprehensive solutions that make a difference. ARGO XR is our cloud-based enterprise platform for optimization of procedures in infrastructure and manufacturing systems, and we would like to present it to industry professionals on a global stage, such as EuroMaintenance 2023 in Rotterdam. We're looking forward to sweep you off your feet!


A great event where we connect directly with our target audience. We showcase the latest developments and innovations in SAP software and TeamViewer, which helps them work better.


Slovenian Maintenance Society DVS wants to participate on Euromaintence because we want to show our R&D together with INSTRO about vibration monitoring on CNC Machines, linked with Quality Control of Production on CNC Machines.


"Why only perform predictive maintenance on your machines and not your workforce? It can propel your business to great heights!”

Royal HaskoningDHV

As an independent consultancy firm, it is our mission to enhance society together through our expertise, partnerships and innovations.

Global challenges such as climate change and inflation are affecting all organisations, in the public and private sector. Facing these challenges, how do you make sure that your assets contribute to your business and sustainability goals? How do you make smart decisions about investments?

We believe that through professional asset management you can control and manage this complexity and future-proof your real estate portfolio and other assets. That’s why we’re looking forward to join EuroMaintenance and share how you can professionalise your asset organisation to ensure a future-proof performance.


Nanoprecise Sci Corp is an automated AI-based predictive maintenance solution provider that facilitates early detection of even small changes in machine operations well before they impact production or cause downtime. Nanoprecise specializes in the implementation of Artificial Intelligence and Industrial IoT technology for predictive asset maintenance and condition monitoring.

Matthias from our team is looking forward answering your questions and having interesting conversations related to reliability and much more.

Asset Performance

Both EuroMaintenance and Asset Performance have the aim to bring together maintenance and asset management professionals, and bring their knowledge to the next level. The exciting programme here at EuroMaintenance can help tackle the challenges of the 21st century.


Of course, the Asset Performance initiative fully supports this. Human-centred, innovative technologies show us the way forward. That’s why the European Union has placed the evolution towards Industry 5.0 high on its agenda, and so have we with our Asset Performance initiative, powered by BEMAS! The initiative consists of a live conference in Antwerp in October, and an online community, where you can be inspired by countless other maintenance professionals.


We hope to connect with you at EuroMaintenance!


Wim Vancauwenberghe
Director of Asset Performance and BEMAS